Refund Policy for unsuccessful delivery:

1. Refund policy does not applied at any situation including damaged, lost etc. Otherwise, mailing insurance should be applied if the client has purchased the parcel insurance from us.

2. Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management

3. For specific express shipping quotation like UPS / DHL / Fedex , Please contact

Return Policy:

1. It is A MUST to contact us firstly before returning the item(s) or goods. Return without our approval will not be processed.

2. All returns must be made with the items in brand new condition within 7 days of arrival.

3. We reject all USED/ OPENED items for return.

4. Returns are refunded through Paypal or US Check.

5. Shipping & handling charges cannot be refunded in anyway.

6. All defective items will be replaced with brand new items. Can't change to any other item.

7. Buyer is responsible for the return shipping charge for all situations, including factory's fault or damage via postal.

8. If it is proved to be factory's default or damage via postal, please contact us now and we will take the appropriate actions to tackle the problem. Refund policy is not applied at any situations